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    Naxxar (Santucci-Bergomi) organ from Malta  


    My sample is based on the recording of Mark Bugeja in 2013.
    According to Mark, the sample does not give the real sound of Naxxar organ.  Therefore, he plans to build a new, four or six-channel recording of Naxxar organ.


    This work will probably take a long time, but you can still download and use my sample.

    If you ask, Mark will send you the free download links for my sample.


    The sample can be requested in two forms, or just the semidry version or the semidry and surround versions together. When installing the surround version, the installation order is important (first 01pack and then 02pack)

    Find out more about Mark's further work here.


    I would be happy to receive any feedback.  I can give you the help you may need to solve technical issues you may experience during installation or use of the sample-set.