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    Mascioni organ from Hermance (Kanton of Geneva, Switzerland)


    Hermance is a small village on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.
    The number of residents is 1000 and most speak French.


    The magnificent church of Eglise Saint-Georges was built towards the end of the 13th century to replace a wooden church originally built on this site. The three tall and narrow semicircular windows and the liturgical pool of the choir still bear witness to this period.
    In 1679 a small nave and bell tower were added to the church. The church is a fine combination of rural Romanian and Gothic style. The church was restored between 1971-1974.

    The small organ of the church was built by the Italian Mascioni organ factory in 1987. The organ was built in the original Italian Baroque style. 
    The organ is also used as a concert organ, because it is excellent for performing Italian Renaissance and Early Baroque performances.

    This virtual organ project, like the Grenzing organ of Geneva and Armagni and Mignot organ from Luins, was realized by AOEV. 
    The recording was made in October 2018 by Laurent Dami and Yves-Noël Denis, under the direction of Alain Grandchamp.

    Special thanks to Gérard Lefranc who continually supported my work and effective assistance provided to all phases of making of sample set. The artistic audio demos were created by Dominique Dantand and István Nagy. The photos were made by Jean Marc Noyelle.