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Venetian Baroque Organ replica from Farkasret (Budapest)


Farkasret is the most famous cemetery in Budapest, where many famous Hungarian people from Béla Bartók to Sir George Solti are sleeping in their final dream.

All Saints' Parish Church is located at the entrance of the cemetery.

The small church, measuring only 200 square meters, was built between 1975 and 1977 by donations and work of the faithful. It was the first church in Budapest built during the communist era.


The organ of the church was built by the Aquincum Organ Factory in 2001, according to the plans of the organist Péter Sirák. The organ has a manual and a pedal, 18 registers and a total of 842 pipes. The six registers of the manual divided into bass-discant.The organ was made on the basis of the eighteenth century Venetian organs, especially Gaetano Callido Organs. The manual has 61 keys ( 029-F to 89-F) and the pedal - unlike Venetian designs - has 30 keys. The organ was made with Vallotti tuning. The reed-pipes of the organ were made by the German company Giesecke and the play table by Laukhuff. The organ is suitable for playing Renaissance and Baroque works by Italian composers, and thanks to the extended pedal, it can also be performed on smaller German organ pieces.


The following friends helped me to make and publish the sample set (in alphabetical order): Mario Antonelli, Dominique Dantand, Gérard Lefranc, Istvan Nagy, Jean-Pierre Silvestre and Adrian Wheal. If something's done well, it's thanks to them.  Thank you for their work.